Sunday, 1 November 2009

Infested with bugs!

The Halloween candy at our house has attracted
lady bugs

and spidermen!

This is our first year celebrating Halloween in Okinawa, Japan. We had a lot of fun but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Hopefully next year it won't rain & Papi will get to join us.
Papi, we missed you! Please, stay safe and come home SOON!

Okay your turn...what did you do for Halloween?

Take care~ Denise


Abby said...

I love them! I also love the one of "Little Miss" standing in the road with the sun behind pretty.

Denise said...

Due to the weather I have not been able to photograph during the Golden hour. I was so excited when I saw the sunset. Thank you for visiting the blog. Have a wonderful week!
Take care ~ Denise

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