Friday, 12 November 2010

Okinawa Maternity Photography - mommies-2-be

The heart of a child is the 
most precious of God's creations
-Joseph Whitten

Rising Sun Memories is looking for YOU!!!!

RSM is looking for a Mommie-to-be who would LOVE to do a Concept Session!?! If you are less than 15 weeks and want to be a part of this creative experience. Just take 60 seconds to tell me your name, where you live on Okinawa, why you are feeling passionate about this opportunity, and what you want to remember most about your journey to motherhood. 

The video quality isn't important. What is important is YOU! Use the video on your camera, on your phone or a laptop. Then upload the video to Vimeo, Youtube or Facebook, etc. Title your video "Rising Sun Memories" 

Last but not least email your link to Rising Sun Memories via the contact form here

That's it easy peasy...


  • Please get your submissions in by the deadline of  November 18th, 2010 (Okinawa time). 
  • Rising Sun Memories will review them and pick the best person who will represent this session.
  • You will be an active part of this experience!!
  • You'll also be in front of the camera ALOT 
  • Please note though the session and experience is "free" Maternity attire is your responsiblity
  • Rising Sun Memories will provide a MEMORABLE experience =)


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