Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Okinawa Newborn Photographer - dream. believe. become.

I am whatever you make me, nothing more.
I am your belief in yourself,
your dream of what a people may become...
I am the clutch of an idea,
and the reasoned purpose of resolution.
I am no more than you believe me to be 
and I am all that you believe I can be.
I am whatever you make me,
nothing more.
-Franklin Knight Lane

model | Baby G 4 days new "4th of July baby"
Crochet Diaper Cover photography prop | Cassie's Hugs
Crochet Blanket | me =)

*** identity on dog tags are removed for blog posting for the privacy of the Military Member ***


CrystalSchollard said...

This is absolutely adorable!!!! I love it!!!

okidokiphotography said...

Really Cute and Original!!!

Stacie's Madness said...

these are AWESOME.

: said...

Thank you for the blog love!! I look forward to hearing from everyone again =)

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