Thursday, 15 October 2009

Okinawa Hai!

In May 2008, we were informed that we were PCSing in January 2009. This came to us as a surprise but were very excited about our new destination to Okinawa, Japan. All at once I was feeling excited and scared this was our first over seas assignment but my husbands second tour to Kadena Air Base. So for the next few months, while my darling husband was deployed and after our children were snug as bugs in bed, I surfed the net researching information on Okinawa.

There are lots of sites on Okinawa and Kadena but I wanted the perspective that you get from a friend. I wanted to know about housing, how hard was it to travel half way around the world with 3 yr old B/G twins, a one yr old and a fur baby.  That's when I came across this great website called Okinawa Hai!  It had everything I was looking for it covered such items of interest as to live, to work, to shop, to eat, to do, to learn and to parent. This site was a wealth of knowledge and I was able to view the comments of fellow military families that were there or in transit. What was nice too about the site is the information wasn't old because there was a new article posted every Monday.

After a few months of reading Okinawa Hai Meredith Novario the founder started a social network to go along with the site.  Okinawa Hai Society  this was the icing on the cake. I was not only reading about Okinawa but now I was interacting with people who were there or on their way. How great was that a chance to make friends before getting there. This was a blessing because the ladies I meet on this forum are now my friends. Friends I didn't meet for 6 months while we chatted from other sides of the world and some I've just recently met in person after being here on island. That was the best part of finding this site was knowing that I had established a network of friends before even getting here.

Are you PSCing to Okinawa, Japan? Then go to Okinawa Hai! you'll not only find a wealth of knowledge there but you just might find your next best friend.

This post is dedicated to my very first friend in Okinawa Dasha who's family is now on a new journey of their own. You have touched many hearts and will be missed dearly. Much prosperity to you and your family!  Congratulations, Rob on your retirement from the United States Marine Corps (USMC)! Semper Fi!


The Howes Family said...

Thanks for the shout out! We are glad you are enjoying the site.
Loving your blog by the way. You are very talented and are going to do great here.

Tara H

Denise said...

Hello Tara,

Thank you for viewing the Rising Sun Memories blog. I appreciate your compliment. Thank you for your volunteer time with Okinawa Hai. No worries on the shout out Meredith started a good thing there and I'm more than happy to pass on the information.

Take care and visit often~ Denise

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