Friday, 11 June 2010

4 fun fridays: JA & this weekends outdoor Farmers Market

Just 4 fun friday is about having fun and growing as a photographer. Some post will be about adventures to Okinawa locations or mastering a new technique. Either way I'm giving myself the freedom to grow and risk as I experiment with the camera. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I appreciate your company =)

The 4 fun friday weather has not been cooperating so I didn't want to venture too far in the rain. We decided  to go down the street from our house to the JA. "JA" is an acronym for Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, and has been commonly used since 1992. The Coop was formerly known collectively as "Nokyo"

JA brings the best of both worlds the comforts of being in a grocery store and the freshness, prices and variety of a farmers market.

This week JA is also providing the traditional farmers market experience we are use to in the States. The outdoor event has everything from fruit trees, vegetable plants, landscape trees, flowers and craft items too. A little of everything for you to enjoy. The outdoor event ends this Sunday, the 13 of June.  

Go out Kadena gate 3 and head past Camp Shields. Just before you hit route 329, You'll want to turn left at the street just before the light of 329 (across from the street on the right side is a Coco) If you get to 329 you went to far turn around =)
Daily 0900-1900

Take a look at our photography essay of our trip here
The photographs are all SOOC "straight out of camera" figured you would still enjoy them even if they are not edited.

Thank you for viewing Rising Sun Memories 4 fun fridays!


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