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sneak peek: okinawa commercial photographer: body painting photographer

This weekend Rising Sun Memories was shooting a commercial photography session for art by RoMa. Art by RoMa provides face & body painting, graphic design, and customized artwork designs. Join art by RoMa page on Facebook to find out about specials and contest.

The product photography session covered the body painting portion of art by RoMa. Body painting is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and last for only several hour. Body painting is very common in the commercial arena where you can see it being used often in film and stills advertising. One popular magazine that is known for body painting is The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, published annually, has featured models that were body painted, attired renditions of swimsuits and sports jerseys. With the success of body painting, this has lead to publications on this art form and also Illusion Magazine which is aimed to painters for all abilities, showcasing around the world*

To my knowledge art by Rosa is the only body painter located in Okinawa. Research on the internet does show that there are other body painting artist located in Mainland Japan. Since art by Roma is the only one Rising Sun Memories decided to conduct an interview to go along with the sneak peek of the commercial photography session.


Q: Your name please:

A: Rosa Mahal

Q: Do you have any website(s) you would like me to link to from this interview?


Q: Tell a little about yourself personally and if you attended school or you are a self taught makeup artist? What is your artistic background?

A: Well, I'm a wife and mother of soon to be 6. Born in Hawaii but raised in other places. Yes I'm a military brat and still am. I graduated at IADT in computer graphics when living in Florida. I worked with Enjoy Your Face, Inc face painting at various locations, mostly at Disney. I loved working there. When I lived in Oklahoma there were some people that I worked with that wanted a special kind of tattoo so I designed their peices and it looked great on their bodies.

Q: Do you think going to school for body painting artistry is important to excel in the business later on?

A: Well, there are a lot of professional body painters who didn't go to school for body painting but I think it would help us new artists to enhance our skills

Q: Did you always wanted to be an artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance? Who or what inspired you to become a body painting artist?

A: I grew up wanted to be a fine artist but but after I graduated High school I couldn't attend the college I wanted so that bummed me out and I stopped drawing. But when I got older and my neice wanted me to draw something for her I started to remember how much I missed it so I got back on the sketchbook. When I went to college I had my very first art class and from the compliments of my first art project I realized that I should have stuck with what I loved. When I worked with other face painters I learned a few tips on painting and from watching them do their work made me want to do better and go further with it.

Q: What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about your job?

A: When I see the customer smile and loving the artwork on their bodies

Q: What surprises you most about working as a body painting artist?

A: To see how much people are willing to take their clothes off to get painted!

Q: What individual products and brands you're "addicted" to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?

A: I don't have a certain brand that I'm addicted to yet but I like using Kryalon and Paradise products.

Q: What are some of the most basic but effective skin care tips in general that you have, that are really important before a session?

A: When getting painted you want your skin to be clean and free from oils so shower before coming and no lotions or sunscreen and stuff like that. Lotions will make the paint stick and kind of hard to take off and when your skin is oily it's hard to put the paint on.

Q: Have you had an extreme, crazy or bad experience with a skin care product or during a painting session? If so, what happened?

A: No and I hope not to

Q: What are some examples of occasions people us body painting for?

A: body painting is for any occasion, parties, holidays, or just to promote a business

Q: What are the differences between applying body painting on models and on real women?

A: Models are usually willing to go to the extreme like get painted all over and not shy to walk out in public. Regular women have limitations unless she is a bold one.

Q: Should a client consider doing body painting before deciding to try a permanent tattoo design? What are the benefits of trying a tattoo design before hand

A: Only if that person is scared or unsure of what they want done.

Q: How about airbrush spray body painting art? Are these products better or easier to use than standard sponge or finger application? If yes when would you recommend using them?

A: I wouldn't know because I haven't learned airbrushing but would love to someday.

Q: What do your clients think of you? What are some individual testimonials?

A: I've been told that they love my work and they recommend me to others.

Q: Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?

A: When I was young I was told "You can't make a living off art!", well, those words made me become what I am artist. Never give up on your dreams no matter what people may say. I may not be famous but I'm known and I LOVE what I do that's all that matters.

Q: What tips and advice do you have for aspiring body painting artists just starting out?

A: Just do it! It's fun and you never know it might be for you.

Q: Do you provide any other services thru art by RoMa?

A: besides face & body painting, artwork designs for tattoos, any type of artwork like self portraits or something to hang on the wall, paintings, posters, logos, or if you need a graphic designer
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Sneak Peek
This was a first for the models, Vivian and Jackie, who had their bodies transformed into living works of art by RoMa. 

Thank you ladies you are priceless works of art.

Thank you art by RoMa for this unique and great opportunity for Rising Sun Memories body painting photographer.  

*body painting definition Wikipedia


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