Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Just 4 Fun- Out of the rain

Slimy and slippery,
Snails are such fun.
Slowly they move,
They can't even run!

Leaving their trail
behind as they go.
You can see where they've been
and how very slow.

On their back is a shell,
it's really their home.
It's ever so small,
but it goes where they roam.

On stalks are their eyes,
that wave all around.
One can point up,
and one to the ground!

They eat lots of plants,
and all of the flowers.
Munching away,
especially in showers.

Shiny and slippery,
snails are such fun.
They eat and they eat,
they must weight a ton!
~ Gareth Lancaster

The plants were outside enjoying the rain from the last few days in Okinawa.
When the plants were brought in I guess this little fella decided to come out of the rain =)
Have a great day!


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