Friday, 13 August 2010

Okinawa Photographer l Height of joy

Shuri-jo's Kyukeimon gate* 

"Be an opener of doors...."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As some of you already know I took this last month off to recover from surgery. Since I'm still growing as a photographer. I always feel like I'm taking one step forward and two steps back. This last year with the two surgeries and the recovery times I definitely felt like I was moving backwards more than forward. This time has been frustrating but enlightening too. With all the trials and tribulations I have not veered from my course to becoming the best Visionmonger I can be. Thank you to my husband KB for always believing in me. You made it possible for my dream to come true. I'm blessed by the support of my family, friends, and the photography community. I have been humbled by my clients for making me an honorary family member even if it's for a day and for the friendships that have evolved from those sessions. Thank you ALL!

I look forward to photographing my first session today since the recovery! You met her earlier this week from her hospital photographs. Today, we will be photographing Little "I", her two older sisters and her wonderful parents. I get excited and nervous before every session. I'm at a height of joy about this session because not only were they my very first session when I started my journey as a photographer but I have been blessed with their friendship since 2005. I'm very honored to photograph their newest addition to their lovely family. Please, make sure to come back and give them some blog love on their session post.

*Information about phototgraph:
Shuri-jo's Kyukeimon gate was also called Hokori-ujo, "Hokori" means "height of joy," a term coupled with 'Amae (joy),' the commom name for Kankaimon gate.
While Kankaimon served as the front gate, Kyukeimon was a side entrance used mainly by woman. It was also used by the King when visiting temples or the northen areas.
Geographically, this area offers outlets for rainwater that fell on the castle grounds to permeate through the ground.
Burnt down in Battle of Okinawa, Kyukeimon gate was restored in 1983.
Source Okinawa Commemorative National Goverment Park. 


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