Monday, 18 October 2010

Daily Snaps - new office assistants

A Koi

To recall nothing past
And expect nothing yet to pass

To never suffer from boredom
Or give in to fiefdom

To need not be brave nor coy
Sometimes, I wish I were a koi
- Sukasah Syahdan

Daily Snaps

Hello my dear friends.

Sorry it's been a while. Things have been busy and without a second vehicle it's been interesting getting things done. I have been spending a lot of time in my office area because of this I thought it was about time to get an assistant. Welcome Sun (orange koi) and Rising (orange and black koi). They are wonderful assistants! They keep me company when I'm editing and they work for pelts! Which is great for the budget.  I think they are beautiful and they are great to watch when I need a little break from editing. Rising and Sun love to hang out in the bubbles. I guess it must feel like a wonderful massage for them. Milk Monster has tried to take them out on a couple of occasions and share his goldfish with them. I guess he must think they need some company ;)   My Nishikigoi are 6" long so they are approx a year old and are called "Tosai" due to their age. If you are interested in purchasing koi while on Okinawa, the pet store is located at the junction of HWY 58 and HWY 23 between Kadena AB and Camp Lester. The building has a black sign and koi painted on it. You can't miss it =)

I hope you liked meeting my wonderful assistants they always make me smile =)

Have a wonderful week!!

Catch you on the flip side
same time same place!!


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