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Okinawa Vintage Newborn- tattered lace

Journey's, like artist, are born and not made.
A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them,
Few of them willed or determined by the will-whatever we may think.
- Lawrence Durrell

The Making Of A Vintage Newborn Session -

Ms. Jennifer, owner of The Fabric Girl, explained during her pre-session consultation that she desired a vintage styling for her newborn session. I was excited as I'm always open to new styling ideas. At the same time I did not have any vintage props. The biggest factor that made this a success was that Ms. Jennifer booked her newborn session months in advance from her EDD.  This enable me to be able to find the props to style her vintage session.

Hmmm.... planning????
Those of you who live on Okinawa know that it is very difficult to get items here. Especially if you are looking for something particular. That's why it was so important to make sure that Ms. Jennifer and I worked as a team. I find it that the clients really enjoy being a part of the creative side. This gives me the ability to share where I am going with my vision with always taking into account what the client also envisions. 

I had no vintage items. Nothing...I was starting with a clean canvas.
So as a photographer what do you do when a client request a certain style and you don't have any props?

You beg, borrow, and steal! Well not the last one really but you get what I'm saying.

That's when I sent out an email to all my friends that I was on the look out for vintage or antique items. I was open to anything. Doing this allowed me not to narrow my ideas. You just never know what someone might have if you only ask for certain items.

To my rescue came two friends.  
Mrs. Nikole, allowed me to go thru her entire house including the kitchen looking for items that would inspired me. I collected items from the living room, kitchen and the children's toy box. See inspiration can get you in the least likely place. 

Mrs. Danielle, a fellow photographer here on Okinawa, allowed me to borrow her pleated fabric that I used to cover the changing pad, the vinyl barn wood floor from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops and a baby scale.

Thank you Ladies!!!!
With theses items and a few items I had here at the house I was able to style the vintage newborn session without spending a fortune. Yes, I did make the tattered lace outfit and headband which cost me approx $25.  One item I didn't get to use was a beautiful bed but it did not arrive in time. MPS is not always reliable with delivery times.

Things I learned.....
I had never used a vinyl photo prop before. I was really amazed at how well it photographed. Two things concerned me in ref to purchasing one. The fact I do not have the space to store one. I would prefer to store it hanging so that it lays flat instead of storing it in the rolls. Two it damages very easily. I am pretty rough. If I had the choice between a wood floor and a vinyl floor. I would take the wood one.

If you can't buy it make it!!!
During my research for vintage inspired props I came across this BEAUTIFUL lace outfit. The lace outfit was a bit out of my budget. After some thought I knew that I wouldn't be able to make the exact item but I could make my own version for a fraction of the cost to include my time. BTW I do NOT know how to sew. So this was a very interesting experience for me but in the end it was a lot of FUN! 

Things I would like the readers to walk away with...
Don't wait til the last minute to schedule your sessions. This allows the photographer time to deliver the product or vision you have for your session. Had I not had time, it would  have been very difficult to make the props or acquire the props for this session.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and sitting a spell!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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