Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Daily Snaps - accomplishments

My Shoelace Blues

I've tried and tried to tie you, shoe.
I've never done it yet.
A loop that flip-flops on the floor
Is as close as I can get.
I've practice on spaghetti.
I've practiced on the mop.
I've practiced on my sister
Until she made me stop.
So here's the loop again, shoe.
I'll hold it with my thumb.
I'll wrap the other end around...
And yank it into bows.
It's done!
- unknown author

Daily Snaps is going to be a daily blog post of an isolated observation into my life. If you have frequented the blog before you have noticed I'm not a writer but I am joining my friend Krisit and her sister Jessica on a Photo-A-Day Challenge. Here is post #3!

Today's daily snap is about the fulfillment of successfully achieving a task. This morning Miss R stated she wanted to tie her shoes all by herself with out any help. We have been practicing the Bunny Story* together. I was very excited since she hasn't done it all by herself yet. So of course I was like "WAIT! Let Mami get the camera" She looked up at me and smiled. I'm sure in her sweet little head she must have been thinking my Mami is a nut she's always chasing us around with that black box. I'm ready I said! We sat down together on the floor. I asked her if she wanted me to say the story. She said "No it's okay. I can do it. The above photos are of her accomplishment of tying her shoes for the first time! What was great was the beautiful smile she gave me as she finished. She beamed with so much pride! Even though this may seem like a small accomplishment to some it was a big accomplishment to her. I'm happy I was there to share that moment with her. That moment made me realize that as an adult I forget to be happy about accomplishments even if they are small. Sometimes you get lost in the big picture and miss out on the small moments. I'm going to enjoy every step in this journey no matter how big or small.

Thank you for joining me on my third Daily Snap!
Yes, it's still painful writing the post. Hopefully the more I do this the easier it will get.

I'll see you tomorrow! Same time. Same Place!

Please make sure to visit my friend Kristi at Kristi James Photography and Jessica at Jessica Ann Photography for their Photo-A-Day.

* Bunny Story - 

Once there was a rabbit that was sad because his ears were so long and narrow that he stepped on them all the time. One day a fairy landed on the bunny's head. She lifted up the bunny's ears and crossed them over like an x. Then she put one ear through the bottom of the x and pulled.

Next, she made each long ear into a loop and made another x like before. She put an ear under the x and pulled again. From then on the bunny remembered how to tie his ears into a bow, and he lived happily ever after.  


Dallas and Kristi said...

aaawww YAY "R"!!!! Way to go!!! Now i need you to come teach Jesse how to, because i'm a HORRIBLE teacher LOL. Soo cute!

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