Monday, 20 September 2010

Daily Snaps - smelly markers

One yellow lemon, 
plus a very minty green,
strawberry red and a blue one that smells clean,
a grape smelling purple and a cotton candy pink,
plus a brown that smells like...
chocolate I think.
What did I draw???
A very colorful mustache 
- unknown author poem from Doodads

Yeah it's new week of Daily Snaps!!!

See today is one of those days I don't know what to write. Those of you who frequent the blog know I DO NOT write. I am trying even though it's painful for me like today. Today's Daily Snap is of Milk Monster and his Body Art. I think he wants to be a body painting artist like my friend Rosa, from art by RoMa. Can you tell he's pretty proud of his creation but I don't think Rosa has to worry about any competition at least not for the mean time. His little work of art wouldn't have been too bad had it been the washable markers. But Nooo.... He did his work of art with a Sharpie permanent marker. At least he's not in any product photography sessions and we don't have anything planned for the next couple days. BTW he drew on his bedroom walls too but hey that I can cover with paint nothing to get upset about. Yes, there's always something interesting happening here at the home of Typhoon Trio.

What artistic master piece has your little one made for you???

Catch you on the flip side.
same time. same place.

Model - Artist
Body Painting Artist - art by RoMa

Make sure to catch both my friends Kristi from Kristi James Photography and her sister Jessica from Jessica Ann Photography for their Photo-A-Day challenge! 

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tara.lamb said...

Harrison used to draw me the loveliest pictures. On his bedroom wall. He was always so proud, too. He still makes me lovely pictures, but not on his wall. I think I'm going to give him a "freedom" wall that he is free to create in any way he chooses whenever he wishes.

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