Wednesday, 8 September 2010

SNEAK PEEK of Okinawa- Party in the USA [Okinawa Version]

This is a great video made by dependent military children stationed in Okinawa, Japan.
The video features sites from Mihama, Araha Beach, White Beach, Torri Beach, Kokusai Street, Fukushen Gardens, Kubasaki, Yomitan and Shuri-jo.

Have FUN reminiscing about your time here on Okinawa 
or here's a great SNEAK PEEK of Okinawa
thru the eyes of the young adults here!!!

*Please note this is NOT my video.


*Statement by Brenda Jones
This is a music video featuring Okinawa.  It was directed and edited by Josh Jones, a Kubasaki graduate who is headed to Stanford University this fall.  Both current Kubasaki and Kadena high school students and alumni star.  The kids see this video as a celebration of the island and Josh says he made it partly to have fun and subconsciously to bid farewell to a home he sees as a large part of his life.  Whether you want to reminisce about your amazing experiences there or be reassured about your future stay on Okinawa, this video is great for getting a feel for the island.  We're sure some of you will want to try and guess where each and every shot was filmed.  Sites featured in the project include areas of American Village (Mihama), the WestPac, White Beach, Plaza Pool, Torii Beach, Kubasaki High School, Yomitan, the Chinese Gardens, Shuri Castle, and Kokusai Street.  And if you're wondering, Josh is the guy who opens the video.

*Source: Okinawa Hai


okidokiphotography said...

LOL- that made me miss Okinawa a bit ;( At times the singer guy aka mr. miley looked like the twilight guy ;)

Joshua said...

Josh here. Thank you so much, Ms. Denise, for sharing our video on your site! =) Hope we can take more people down memory lane!

: said...

Hello Josh, Thank you and your friends for filming the video! You did a great job editing it! I read that there is another video. Would love to see that one too. Please advise us of the link. Good Luck in Standford! Many blessing on your new journey =) Keep us up to date on future video projects!

Brenda said...

Here's the link to "You Spin Me" Okinawa Version. Love the song. Love this video.

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