Monday, 13 September 2010

Daily Snaps - every Picture has a Story


Subject and perspective
Views and light
Canvas prepped
And Colors

Looking deep
Finding the hidden colors
Hidden views
Hidden perspectives

Complements and contrast

Picked up the brush and dip into the paint


- Starrpoint

This morning I posted my first "Daily Snap" since I missed posting it last night. My goal is to post my Daily Snaps in the evenings. I won't lie to you this is going to be hard not so much the taking the picture but sitting down and writing. So here we go here is post 2!

Today's Daily Snap is not just about paint brushes, paint, and a Pepsi soda but the story behind this picture. For the last two days I have been working on a project that I am very excited about. Even though I am excited there's still the fear and hesitation felt with starting something new. With anything in life that starts off as being a dream or a concept in your heart to becoming a reality it's first accomplished with making a commitment. I have made a commitment to myself to continue this journey even if at times I'm not always sure how to go forward. So "I'm gonna pick up the brush and dip into the paint... Committed".

Now on a littler note...  I love to paint even though I can't cut. My husband does say, "I manage to get paint on everything else but the walls". Today while I was painting I was reminded of my "painting buddy". I lol thinking about all the times my DH came home from a deployment to a new color on the walls from our late night painting parties. So if my painting buddy were here today there would be a couple things different about this photograph. One the picture would have been taken at night, two the soda would have been a icy cold long neck and there would have been cowslip paint most likely on the ceiling and probably anywhere else it wasn't suppose to be. But one thing for sure there would have been lots of laughs and great memories to remember. So if you ever need a painting buddy keep me in mind and I will bring the long necks ;) 

YEAH!!! two post down =)
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow same time same place ;)

Please make sure to visit my friend Kristi at Kristi James Photography and Jessica at Jessica Ann Photography for their Photo-A-Day.


tara.lamb said...

Ohhhhh...I so have pictures to scan and post for this! I can't bring myself to paint without my "painting buddy". Definitely need a couple of cold, longnecks to go with us!

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