Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Daily Snaps - Thirsty???

The Soda Song

Shake it up and here we go
Sizzle, fizzle, overflow
It can come in a bottle
It can come in a can
It's bubbly, it's bubbly
It's soda, man!

Take a sip--it's sweet and tarty
Now what's that sound? Your mouth is havin' a party
10 good drinks? It's at the top!
It's soda pop! It's soda pop!

You need need a drink on a hot summer's day
You need soda, soda hear me say!
But drink it all at once or you'll say "rats!"
'Cause your bottle of soda will go kinda flat.

It goes good with everything-- the ld and new
You can have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner too!
Drink some soda like you should
Any kind of soda will do you good

So drink it today. nothin' can really go wrong
And now, you've heard the soda song!

Today's Daily Snap is a little early. My DH is working late again. So Typhoon Trio and I are going to spend some quality time reading. Have a wonderful night with your love ones!! What do you do during your down time?

Today's Daily Snap!!!!

Here's a picture from today's drive out in the Okinawa agricultural area. In the picture you will notice there's a soda machine. It not only sells cold sodas, waters and juices but it sells hot/cold coffees. What's funny about this is you can be out in the middle of no where up in the mountains and you will find a soda machine. They are everywhere. Sometimes there's only one but most of the time there's three machines one next to the other. My favorite drink is the peach water. OMG the best drink ever!!! 

If you are ever here on Okinawa. You will not go thirsty as long as you have some yen =) !

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