Thursday, 23 September 2010

Daily Snaps - they call it puppy love xxxxxx

Happiness is a warm puppy

Charles Schulz

Today's daily snap is about our fur babies.

This morning I realized that I had not taken any pictures of them for the daily snaps. I'm proud to introduce to you our fur babies, Mako, who is blue in color and Shisa who is fawn in color. I betcha you can't figure out which one was bought here ;) Our fur babies are Italian Greyhounds.  Yes, they are greyhounds. No, they are not called miniature. The Italian Greyhound is a true Greyhound, his small stature is the result of selective breeding. So if you keep breeding small greyhounds with other small greyhounds you'll eventually get Italian greyhounds. Mako was a christmas present in 2003. I wanted a baby DH gave me a dog lol. Since Mako was little he has been my DH's training buddy. They run every where together. Even now he still loves to go on runs with DH. Now Shisa was not planned lol she was an opps. A "What the heck was I thinking to get a dog a couple days before DH deploys" spontaneous decision. Shisa is a a little over a year now. She is a spaz but she is a good girl and is very loving. She loves to hunt. She has guarded our yard against big mice maybe a rat but for my peace of mind mouse and GODZILLA. A huge lizard that likes to come into our yard and torment her. Godzilla has figured out that she's more afraid of him than he is of her. I told you she's a spaz but we love her. Even though there have been times that I have threatened her with finding her a new home. She is a puppy so lets just leave it at that.  Those are our two fur babies. 

Do you have any fur babies, scaly babies, maybe feathery babies???  

Daily Snaps is being posted early because DH is working late again so I'm doing the nightly routines.

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