Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Daily Snaps - busy bee

A Poem Is A Busy Bee

A poem is a busy bee
Buzzing in your head.
His hive is full of hidden thoughts
Waiting to be said.

His honey comes from your ideas
That he makes into rhyme.
He flies around looking for
What goes in your mind.

When it's time to let him out
To make some poetry,
He gathers up your secret thoughts
And then he lets them free.

Yeah Daily Snaps #4

I wish I had a busy bee who would help me write this post. My mind is tired, my eyes are on fire and off to bed I want to go.. LOL yes I know I'm not a poet but I was a busy bee today. Most of the morning was spent taking product photography for Fancy Schmancy. I had a lot of fun with a beautiful little Angel who is 5 wks old today. She was a wonderful model. I also had the opportunity to meet her "Gaga" who is visiting from the states. After the session, the rest of the day was spent being a mom! Now it's time to spend some cuddle time with the hubbie. Right now he is commenting as I am typing but needless to say I can't quote what he is saying ;) bow chika bow wow!!! Sweet dreams....

Don't forget to check out my cohorts in this Photo-A-Day challenge Kristi and Jessica!!!

This was short and sweet but it is done!!
I'll catch you on the flip side. 
Same time. Same place!!!!

Thank you for checking out the Daily Snaps =)  


Mary said...

you are a gem and i so enjoyed our time today! :)

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