Friday, 17 September 2010

Daily Snaps - early release


Water is not only something to drink.
It is a toy for children to play in, I think.
They stomp around in puddles of water,
Which Mama said, "you shouldn't ought a..."

They swim in lakes, oceans and pools
Just to frolic, to splash and stay cool.
They flap an umbrella in the falling-down rain,
And watch raindrops slide down a windowpane.

They tease their friends with pointed hoses.
They spray it; squirt it, sometimes up their noses.
If water is all of these wonderful toys,
Why is it at bath time kids make such noise? 
- Sharon MacDonald

Can we give ourselves a shout out!!!! Yes, it's day 6 of our Daily Snaps!!!

I'm pretty stoked that it's been six days. I was even tempted to skip tonight because I have a session that starts at 6 a.m. Which means I have to be up and out my door by 5:30 a.m. Yes, I do realize it's raining outside but knowing my luck if I cancel it. I will wake up to an absolutely beautiful sunrise. Okay going off on a tangent... back to the Daily Snap. I had thought on just doing it in the morning but I really found myself wanting to share my thoughts with you about today's pictures. I had more than 2 pictures but I really don't have the time to edit as I said before some of us need some serious beauty sleep. 

Today's Daily Snap was sponsored by KES Half Day. Yes, K and R have only been in school now for a little over a week and they had their first early release day. Of course the last few days it has rained in the afternoon. So when Typhoon Trio requested to go outside and play I figured I better take advantage of the little bit of sun and let them wear off some energy. At first they played on the swing set, shortly there after they were bored and came inside. Then they asked if they could take the soccer balls outside. Of course me wanting them to go outside so that I could edit a little bit longer I said yes! (For those of you thinking my children were unsupervised outside my computer desk is right next to our window that faces their play area) So they showed me how they could pass the ball and stop it with their feet. K being the great helper he is asked if he could feed our dogs and changed their water. Feeding wasn't the problem my mistake was agreeing to change the water outside. Next thing I hear are laughters, squeals, water being sprayed into the house thru the sliders. Of course this isn't the first time thats happened my DH and I are known for chasing each other inside the hose with the water hose. So, I go and grab the camera wanting to capture the excitement. What I found was that Milk Monster had control of the water hose and had decided to spray his brother and sister. Of course you know they didn't have anything to do with this and they didn't egg him on ;) If I get a chance I will try to update the post with the additional pictures from their half day. I hope you enjoyed our afternoon early release activity!  

What do you do on half days?

Thank you for sitting a spell with me tonight.
Sweet dreams I have to get to bed now.
Catch you tomorrow.
Same time. Same place.

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