Saturday, 25 September 2010

Daily Snaps - expression

Art is not in some far-off place.
A work of Art is the expression of man's 
whole personality, sensibility and ability.
- Shinichi Suzuki

Daily Snaps - "Beautiful tone, Beautiful heart"

I was blessed today to have the opportunity to collaborate with some very talented Artist on Okinawa. I admire theses ladies not only for their talent but for their beautiful hearts. Thank you Kim, Rosa and Wendy for sharing your gift of talent.

I started this daily snap a few times trying to contiplate what I wanted to say today. It's been a long day. As some of you already know I dislike writing but I love looking for poems to go with the photographs. As I was looking for a poem to go with this post when I came across a quote by Shinchi  Suzuki. I thought it was very appropriate for how I am feeling. I'm sure this doesn't only happen to artist but anyone that is passionate about what they are doing may relate. During the process of creating a drawing or photograph, I have this sense that I have left  a part of myself in that work. That the work not only reflects my abilities but my whole personality and sensibility. I hope that you enjoy the work that I leave a little bit of me in for your to enjoy!!  

Thank you for sitting a spell with me today.
I appreciate your support and do cherish the time you take out of your evening to join me.

Have a wonderful weekend I am going to go spend sometime with my family.
Many blessings to you and yours!!

The picture above is a sneak peek from today. 
Body painting by Rosa of art by RoMa
Makeup Artist (face) by Kim of Glamour Eyes, LLC
Model Wendy of Sassy Styles

Thank you ladies!!!


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