Sunday, 6 February 2011

Okinawa Cherry Blossom Photographer - Okinawa City - laughter

A Child's Laughter

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To one who hasn't done so in such a long while
I know because that was one was me
Until my daughter's laugh set mine free

A child's Laughter so gleeful and pure
An innocence adults miss for sure
Laughter that can bring back the past
And memories of a youth that flew by so fast 

A child's laughter can bring out the best
Of most many man when he's depressed
Cause his spirit that's fall to soar
Until at last he laughs once more

- Harry J. Couchon Jr

Sneak Peek-

What a fun morning! Little Miss "E" was such a joy. She really made me laugh during the session. We sang songs together and told each other jokes. I love six yr old humor. I know Miss "E's" proud Mommie from the Okinawa photographer group called PhotOKINAWA. Mommie, Thank you for the opportunity to met Miss "E" and take beautiful photographs of her with the cherry blossoms. Miss "E's" smiles just bring a smile to my face every time I see her photograph.


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