Sunday, 13 February 2011

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Clutter Monster

Watch out for the clutter monster,
Who wants to ruin your life.
He’ll move in uninvited,
And proceed to cause you strife.

He tells you to save,
Each magazine and bill,
If you follow his advice, 
Your house will over-fill !

He tells you to keep this,
He tells you to keep that,
Even to keep,
Your grandfather’s hat.

With things in boxes,
All over the place,
You’ll soon find out,
You have no space!

He’s convinced you to keep,
All of your junk.
His advice to you,
Is just plain bunk!

Throw out some paper,
And claim your life back,
The clutter monster,
Will at first give you flack.

If you keep up your efforts,
Your house will look swell.
Clutter monster in your house,
No longer shall dwell.
- Brendakaren

Daily Snap-

Today's daily snap is of my chore for the day.
I decided that I was going to de-clutter the closets. I was able to get three closets done between having to stop every other minute with Typhoon Trio. We are blessed to live on military family housing but they were built way back when and there is absolutely no storage space. You spend a lot of your time moving things around hoping that you'll find the hidden space that is not available. With 6 people plus everyone's clutter equals a 1,000 sq ft home bursting at the seams. I'm going to get rid of and pass forward anything that is not not nailed down. My goal is to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) my house. I'm also going to get back to being a flybaby! I loved my house when I was committed to following the program. Tomorrow is Monday and I will be blessing my home and putting out the fires where there are hot spots =) If your house is driving you crazy and you don't know where to start check out the flylady at You're not behind you are just getting ready to fly!!

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