Sunday, 6 February 2011

Okinawa Photographer - Daily Snaps- culling

Who showed the little ant the way
Her narrow hole to bore,
And spend the pleasant summer day
In laying up her store?

The sparrow builds her pretty nest
Of wool, and hay, and moss;
Who told her how to build it best,
And lay the twigs across?

Who taught the busy bee to fly
Among the sweetest flowers,
And lay his store of honey by,
To eat in winter hours?

'Twas God who showed them all the way,
And gave them all their skill;
He teaches children, if they pray,
To do his holy will.
- Julie Fox

 Daily Snap-

Today I have been a busy bee culling photographs from yesterday's session. I had so much fun but it doesn't end there. Once I get home I have to download the photographs, cull the photographs and then edited the final picks. Culling for me is the hardest because sometimes I get mommie goggles on and find myself torn between pictures. My goal as a photographer is to deliver the best photographs from the session that are technically correct and that they move the viewer. I'm so thankful for God's blessing of artistic skills because I'm able to share His love thru the photographs. 

Today's Daily Snap is a picture of my computer screen because that's what I have been doing most of the day is being a busy bee.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoyed this glorious day on Okinawa!!


Heather said...

I agree that culling is the hardest part. It is almost painful at times to eliminate pictures. Of course when you find that one perfect shot it seems to make everything worth it. Have fun editing!

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