Friday, 4 February 2011

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Chicken Soup with Rice

-unknown author

Daily Snap-

I hope this is the last time for a little while that I will be making chicken soup. Typhoon Trio are doing better. Mr K is almost completely well now with a slight cough, Miss R is feeling better but she isn't quite there and Milk Monster who caught it last has a very low fever but is getting better. Today I spent the morning disinfecting the house with bleach and lysol. So hopefully I was able to kill what ever it was. Now that everyone is on the road to recovery I'll be able to work this Saturday and start on this month's project.

Typhoon Trio's session for the month of February is still in the planning stages. Typhoon Trio's January session was a lot of fun. This next is going to be held outside but the theme is unknown. I LOVE colors. I always tell my clients to wear bright colors because they bring so much emotion to the photograph. I'm always looking for unique items for the children to wear. Mrs. Jennifer, from The Fabric Girl made Miss R two fabulous outfits but she is currently not making clothing. One was Miss R's first day of school outfit and the other one is for Miss R's Cherry Blossom pictures this year. 

Today I was chatting with Mrs. Heather via facebook about clothing. Earlier this week Heather shared Evy's Tree  and today she shared Project Run and Play. While reading Project Run and Play, I came across the cutest dress Couture Cutie by Sew in No Mans Land. OMG I wish I knew how to sew. Miss R would have the cutest wardrobe ever. But you know you can wish in one hand and you get the point. 
So, I'm on the hunt for cute clothing like Matilda Jane, ZozoBugBaby and Swanky Baby Vintage for future photography sessions.

Go check out Heather's blogs here and here. Let her know Rising Sun Memories sends her some love =)

One of my goals as a photographer is to do Commercial Photography for businesses like these!  Do you make children's clothing?? Send me a message for us to collaborate!

WoW, I just realized this is probably the first time I have written this much lol. Don't get to use to it ;)


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