Wednesday, 2 February 2011

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I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge;
I am one who is fond of antiquity, and earnest in seeking it there.
- Confucious

Daily Snap- 

Today's Daily Snap is a photograph of  this Wednesday word challenge. With everything that was going on this week I'm surprise that I was able to get it done in time. I am currently doing a Project 365  on my own, a Project 52 with the MCP flickr group, and now the Wednesday word challenge. 
This weeks word was New. Of course the first thing I thought of WoW wouldn't it be great if I were able to shoot a birth but no luck there. No new babies of mommies I knew were born this week. Then I started to think about the word new and finally decided to photograph the egg. 
The egg represents so many new beginnings. A woman's ovum when it turns into a zygote is the beginning of a wonderful blessing. The use of eggs to represent the beginning of spring and the Lord's resurrection. In ancient cultures, eggs were a common symbol of new life or immortality. 
So there you have it this wednesday word photograph is New. I had a lot of fun challenging myself as a photographer to think outside the box and to show thru photography what the word meant to me.

Please join the Wednesday Word Challenge
Next Wednesday's word,  good/better/best 
Photographs must be taken between February 2nd and February 9th 2011. 
We can post a list of participants at the bottom of each post.

Hope you have a wonderful night.
Typhoon Trio is still sick so please keep us in your thoughts.


Abby said...

This pic just made me smile. I really like it.

: said...

Thank you Abby! You should join me on the wednesday word challenge. I would love to see your perspective.

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