Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Okinawa Family Photographer- terrific

Terrific Toes

I have such terrific toes,
I take them with me wherever I goes.
I have such fantastic feet,
No matter what, they still smell sweet.
Toes and feet and feet and toes,
There's nothing else as fine as those.
-unknown author, Scholastic

Daily Snap,

HA Haaaa.
I didn't forget you even though it's very late.
Today has been a bit busy. I saw two good friends, drove down to Naha, bought some items to style the New Child's Play Session for February and finished editing a session. I'm really excited about the Child's Play sessions starting in February. Will tell you more about it once we get closer to February =) Gotta keep you wondering right? Sorry no personal pictures from me today but I'll share some adorable little toes =)


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