Monday, 10 January 2011

Okinawa Photographer - Daily Snaps- mount washmore

Crystal Felos

In the laundry room is my enemy.
Clothing piled taller than me.

Is it dirty, is it clean?
More laundry than one person has seen.

I tell the kids pick it off the floor.
Turn around and there is more.

Separate into little loads,
If I do more laundry I think I'll explode.

Start with whites, add some bleach.
Where did the sand come from we have no beach?

Throw in the dryer, add a sheet
Oh laundry has me beat.

Time for the blankets shove them in.
Now great the washer won't spin.

Buzzer goes off, time to fold.
Get me a maid? I think I'm sold.

Two loads in need more soap.
Should have got some, What a dope!

Back from store, now three loads in.
When will my laundry hell end?

Folding socks while others dry
Sock thief makes me want to cry.

It's now six, dinners not made.
Five more loads, I'm afraid!

Finally I have given in.
So I wear dirty clothes that's no sin.

Daily Snaps-

Sorry yesterday got away from me. Nothing exciting happened just spent a good 1/3 of the day conquering Mount Washmore. Then off to help make the 70s decorations for our annual squadron party. By the time we were done making over 60 flowers I was beat. Afterwards hurried back home to help make dinner and put Typhoon Trio to bed. After the babies were snugs as bugs in bed. I went and hung out with my DH at work. Unfortunately that was about the only way I was going to get to see him after this last week. =/ 

Here's Diego conquering my Mount Washmore .

Want a great way for you to conquer Mount Washmore go to the


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