Friday, 21 January 2011

Okinawa Photographer- Cherry Blossoms - Nago City, Okinawa

Sakura (cherry blossoms)

The above picture was taken during this years outing to Nago Central Park. It's been a tradition since we arrived on Okinawa to go as a family to see the Cherry Blossoms in Nago. Since KB wasn't going to be able to attend this years Cherry Blossom Festival we decided to go up before he left. The first year we missed the festival but saw the blossoms in full bloom, the second year I was recovering from surgery so I wasn't able to walk up the mountain so we enjoyed the festival and the great food and drove the mountain, this year we'll have to see if I'm brave enough to take Typhoon Trio by myself to the festival. If not we'll go up on a not so busy day and take some photographs of the blossoms. 

If you decide to go Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) I highly recommend packing a picnic. It's very beautiful to take in at a leisurely pace and the children will have a blast playing at the park.

Directions from Kadena AB
Take Okinawa Expressway, exit at Kyoda the last exit. Continue North towards Nago. Once in Nago, turn right onto Route 84 (you'll see a fire station to your left and you'll go under the walkway)Start looking for Orion Brewery on your right. Turn left at the brewery (there's a signal light) and a immediate right. During the festivals I would try to parking away from the park. Parking is very hard to find close by. Approx time (depending on traffic) 60 - 90 mins


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