Friday, 28 January 2011

Okinawa Photographer - Daily Snaps- soothing repetition

If today were a fish I'd throw it back

Daily Snap-

This week I was invited to join the MCP Project 52 as a Team Leader. I'm really excited to give back to a wonderful community of photographers, helping moderate the group and being a guest blogger on the MCP Actions Blog. Thank you Jodie and the MCP Project 52 Team this is going to be a great year of wonderful photographs!

Today's daily snap photograph is also my picture for this week's MCP Project 52. The weather has not been cooperating with my ideas for this week's theme of soothing repetition. I finally realized that I had something in front of me all week. I love my koi tank because of the soothing repetitive sounds of the bubbles and the water going back into the tank. I love watching them because after I always feel so peaceful. Make sure to go leave some flickr love for the photographer's doing the MCP Project 52.


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