Thursday, 20 January 2011

Okinawa Photographer- Daily Snaps -smooth as silk

Moo, Moo, Brown Cow

Moo, moo. brown cow
Have you any milk?
Yes miss, three jugs smooth as silk.
One for you,
And one for me,
And one for the little cat
Who sits in the tree.
- Anonymous

Daily Snaps

Today we started off with doing a big sister/little bro shoot. Baby "K" was only 7 days new and absolutely adorable. His BIG sister had the sweetest smile but she was having nothing to do with sitting down. I could of eaten her up she was soo cute and those cheeks =) Hopefully next time she will want to take some photographs. Later today after Milk Monster's nap we went over to see the "Moo cows".  I was missing Papi a lot today and decided to go do something we like doing together. The Moo cows live in Chibana which is close by to us. A quick trip and  a couple of pictures later is today's Daily Snaps. The above pictures are of this very cute and inquisitive little brown cow. He was so funny because every time the shutter went off he would get startled. I love visiting them even if sometimes when the wind is blowing just right it doesn't always smell like roses. Below is a quick pic of Milk Monster.


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