Monday, 3 January 2011

Okinawa Photographer- Daily Snaps- little bird

Most of the birds have gone away
On this cold, dark winter's day
But here is one bird I can see
Looking for something to eat
Little bird, I'll feed you
Till the cold, winter's through
And all your friends come back to play
On some bright and warm spring day.
sing to the tune of 
Up On The Housetop

Daily Snaps

The weather has been a bit gloomy this first day back to school. The house is quiet but Milk Monster and I have been enjoying our one-on-one time again. I went and stood at the backyard sliding glass door, noticing at how quiet it was outside. There we no children riding their bikes outside or hanging out on the sidewalk (my pet peeve). The backyards were empty of children playing ball, jumping on the trampolines or singing like Miss "R" likes to do when she swings. Just then a pretty little bird flew into the yard and landed on the swing set. I thought GREAT! here's my photo for today. I had to work quickly not because of the bird flying away but because of Milk Monster. I knew once he noticed him he would pat on the window to say Hi. After taking the picture I thought that the little bird was probably hungry. That's when I remembered an article from rhythm of the home of a project Milk Monster and I would be able to do. The article is called Critter Comfort and it gives ideas on how to make creative edible food for your neighborhood critters. We will have to go to the store later this week to do this project =)

Share with us your creative critter food ideas in a post below!


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